KGA Avocats and Wenner are joining forces and create: klein • wenner
2 April 2021

As long-standing partners, KGA Avocats and Wenner have joined forces and created a new, independent, multicultural team of 43 lawyers, strongly organized around proven business law practices and with an international reach, particularly in Germany and Africa.

klein•wenner is resolutely forward-looking and draws its values and convictions from its history and from the personalities of the respective founders of the firms from which it originated, Theo Klein and Wolfgang Wenner. The imprint of these charismatic and visionary men is still very present in the teams.

An international positioning

True to the approach of the founders, whose horizons went beyond the borders of France, klein•wenner enjoys a significant international reputation:

  • in Europe, especially in Germany and Italy,
  • throughout the Mediterranean region and in Africa, in particular in French-speaking West Africa,
  • in the English-speaking world.

As a member of the worldwide PangeaNet network of independent law firms which covers 33 countries, international activity is part of klein•wenner’s DNA. As such, our teams are multicultural and multilingual.

“This new organization, enriched by our respective experiences, will firstly benefit our respective clients, as they will have access to a wider range of services,” explains Michèle Dauvois, President of KGA Avocats.” It will also allow us, in the period of major digital transformations that we are going through, to create an international structure that is adapted to this new world, while remaining on a human scale, and which is resolutely modern in order to support our clients in all their projects. We will continue to be even better at listening to them and serving them thanks to the strong multiculturalism and multilingualism that will undoubtedly characterize the world of tomorrow’s legal players.”

A broader multi-specialist approach

klein•wenner has developed a multidisciplinary approach that aims at providing a pragmatic support for its clients in the context of their economic and technological changes and the evolution of the law: constant involvement in prospective activities (participation in working groups, writing books and articles, organizing conferences, etc.) in order to anticipate new legal issues, development of innovative offers, targeted events and trainings with high added value as well as a strong presence in the related environments.

Given the long-standing and practical experience of our lawyers in court, any legal advice given takes into account a possible litigation risk, offering support to our clients during court proceedings, if required.

“While our clients’ issues are becoming increasingly complex and often involve several areas of legal expertise, the complementarity of our historical practices will enable klein•wenner to position itself on a broader range of interventions, covering all aspects of business law and also to develop future-oriented practices. We are convinced that this association will create synergies and enable us to serve our clients even better.” Valérie Orsini, Wenner’s Directeur Général, said.

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