Our firm closely follows developments in the energy sector, which offers diverse perspectives for our clients but can sometimes be complex as it touches on issues of public law, competition law, tax law, real estate law and corporate law and this both nationally and internationally.

The multidisciplinarity of our team allows us to support our French and/or foreign clients in their projects and to deal with all the issues faced by players in the energy sector.

In particular, we have extensive experience in the renewable energy sector and regularly advise and assist asset managers and developers who wish to finance, dispose of or invest in wind and photovoltaic farm projects throughout France. Likewise, we advise investors on their investments and banks in their financing projects in the renewable energy sector.
Renewable energy project development

Project design taking into account company law and possible partnerships (shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, service agreements, etc.); land security (transfer agreements, ground leases, hereditary building rights, easement agreement, etc.).); financing; construction (EPC, O&M, supply contract, etc.); regulatory approvals (environmental permit, construction permit, etc.), tariff and grid connection security (feed-in tariff contract, market premium contracts, tendering, aggregation contract, grid connection contract, etc.).

Renewable energy project audit:

Review and analysis of the data room; preparation of corresponding reports in French, English or German.

Financing & M&A

Preparation of contract documentation (for financing: alongside banks or borrowers; for M&A: seller or acquirer), conduct of negotiations and communication with the parties; coordination with technical advisors.

Litigation of renewable energy projects

We handle civil, administrative and criminal litigation in connection with the construction and operation of projects. In administrative law, we represent our clients, for example, in appeals against official approvals such as environmental or building permits as well as in proceedings regarding the feed-in tariff or the market premium. In civil law, we assist our clients, for example, in appeals by local residents. In terms of criminal law, we take action in proceedings concerning the operation of an installation classified for environmental protection without a permit (so-called installation classée pour la protection de l’environnement, ICPE in short) or in the event of non-compliance with conditions.

Our clients
  • Developers of renewable energy projects;
  • Service providers in the renewable energy sector;
  • Investors (companies/funds/family offices) in the renewable energy sector;
  • Banks