For more than 50 years, a significant part of our firm’s activity has been dedicated to assisting companies in the industrial sector: spare parts for the automotive, aeronautical or railway industries, compressors, vacuum pumps, forklifts, gratings, DIY tools, printers, assembly lines, motors, machine tools, wind turbines, ball presses, connectors, sensors, electronics, photo development, medical devices, lifts, measuring tools and much more – our clients design, produce and market (in B2B or B2C) the most diverse and innovative products.

We are proud to be part of their projects and successes and to represent their interests before all courts.

Nous sommes fiers de participer à leurs projets et leurs succès, comme de défendre leurs intérêts devant toutes les juridictions.

Corporate law

Our assistance includes, for example, the creation and acquisition of companies or businesses, the transfer of assets, business leases, in order to provide our clients with the best structure for operating their business in France.

We also take care of all aspects of corporate life: capital increases or decreases, acquisition of shareholdings, changes in governing bodies, formalities related to ordinary or extraordinary shareholders’ meetings, etc.

Commercial and distribution law

We essentially assist our clients in all aspects of the distribution of their products, mostly in the B2B sector, either directly or through commercial agents, as well as in the conclusion of their partnership agreements (suppliers, exclusive or not, co-developers, subcontractors…). Of course, we also assist them in all legal disputes, in particular in relation to the performance or termination of their business relationships, but also in cases of unfair competition.

Labour law

Our intervention may concern both individual labour law (employment contracts, including the issue of remuneration for inventive activities, disciplinary sanctions including dismissals, occupational accidents, occupational diseases…) and collective labour law (service regulations, elections of employee representation, social plans, industrial action, amendment of the collective agreement).

Real Estate / Environment

The construction, restart and maintenance of factories, production sites or storage centres, processing plants, etc. are crucial in the industrial world: unsuitable sites that do not comply with legal standards and do not provide a sufficient level of safety for personnel and the environment can have devastating consequences. We help our clients to secure their working environment and to solve any difficulties they may encounter, whether in terms of regulatory approval, adaptation to standards, upgrading of real estate and/or production equipment.

Industrial litigation

Unfortunately, disputes often arise in the manufacture or use of industrial products, whether because of conformity problems, hidden defects or safety deficiencies, and the stakes are often high. The resulting proceedings usually require the use of expert witnesses whose analyses are crucial to the final decision. We accompany our clients at every stage of these proceedings, defining with them the best strategy based on practical exchanges and fully immersing ourselves in their technical and technological environment.

Intellectual property law

Our team advises its clients on the protection and defence of their rights and their inventions, know-how, trademarks, against counterfeiting, etc. We are also involved in the negotiation of strategic IP contracts (including licensing and partnership agreements).

IT Law

Our lawyers support you in all matters concerning the protection of the company’s IT tools ,and the personal data to be processed: GDPR audit, impact analysis, T&Cs, ANB, privacy policies, cookie/tracer management, e-commerce site supply contracts, etc.

Our clients
  • French or foreign medium-sized companies up to listed companies from a wide range of production sectors.