For many years, our law firm has been working regularly with companies in the transport sector.

Our activity covers all segments of this sector: airports, rail, river or road.

Our approach is based on specialization depending on the sector concerned, a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ business and the knowledge of the specific regulations involved.

In addition to the legal support in carrying out their business activities, we also assist our clients in the context of external growth projects. Furthermore, we advise them on the establishment of public-private partnerships.

In concrete terms, this sectoral approach means that we are active in the following areas in relation to the airport segment:

Contractual relations governing the exercise of an economic activity on an airport platform

The airport operator derives powers and obligations from its status as a public service agent. This status, as well as that of the assets he manages or owns depending on the airport, requires specific legal support for any company wishing to contract with him in order to apply the right legal framework depending on the subject of the contract (public law, private law, competitive tendering procedures, disproportionate ancillary services, etc.).

Ground handling

We also bring our expertise to ground handling, which is both a liberalized and a regulated segment. This expertise is technical and targeted: regulatory assistance in obtaining competent authority approval or authorization for certain services subject to restrictions, compliance with subcontracting rules in an optimized industrial scheme, representation of user’s rights within the user committee. Our aim is to provide you with our view on the application and interpretation of the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act and Directive 96/67 and to advise and assist you on all legal matters arising in this context.

Airport facilities and charges

We provide you with legal support in applying for the funds required for your activity (provision of land or facilities or equipment) as well as in analyzing the validity of the airport charges demanded in this context, irrespective of whether they are main or ancillary charges, whereby we also act for the latter in negotiation and finalization.

Economic regulation

We support companies within the framework of the coordination between the airport operator and the airport users in the run-up to or following the signing of the economic regulation contract which has to be signed every 5 years between the State and the operator.

Airport security

As an important link for the sovereignty of France and the development of its economy, an airport platform brings together dangerous and/or exposed activities. Managing an airport and carrying out an activity within it therefore requires a good understanding of European and national regulations on security (especially fire safety) and airport safety. We support you in these matters with precision and pragmatism.