Health & Beauty



Our lawyers have for long advised start-ups and innovative companies in the biotech sector. They assist these companies through all phases of their life cycle, involving in particular the firm’s expertise in the following areas:

  • corporate law (creation, conversion, raising capital, etc.);
  • contract law (partnership/consortia, joint development/joint ownership, transfer/licensing of patents and/or know-how, etc.);
  • extrajudicial and judicial proceedings, in particular proceedings before the National Commission for Employees’ Inventions (CNIS, Commission nationale des inventions de salariés).
Health data and mobile health

Based on their extensive knowledge of data law and digital rights, our lawyers support providers of mobile health solutions and devices, as well as all actors using health data (research departments, laboratories, research centers, professional networks, etc.) in their research projects, studies and assessments based on health data, in particular from medical-administrative databases of the National Health Data System (PMSI, SNIIRAM, etc.) to which the Health Data Hub manages access. In doing so, they focus on the following tasks:

  • Compliance checks (in relation to the GDPR, Art. 72 et seq. of the French Data Protection Act and the Public Health Act);
  • Formalities (declaration of compliance with reference methods, if required, preparation of CNIL approval application, etc.);
  • Contract drafting and/or negotiation (joint and several liability contracts, subcontracting, etc.);
  • the preparation or review of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).
Open Data
Our lawyers also support stakeholders in the health sector in connection with the publication and reuse of public data in the context of “Open Data” (review of acquired rights to the data and information available in digital libraries, review of licenses for the reuse of public information, etc.).
Our clients
  • Biotech
  • Laboratories
  • Research institutes
  • Consulting companies (health data)
  • Beauty

    A comprehensive 360° degree support. Our firm has been accompanying the beauty industry (perfumes and cosmetics, skincare, etc.) for several decades, supporting professionals in this industry throughout the life cycle of their products and innovations.


    Based on their extensive experience in copyright law, our lawyers are involved from the birth of an invention to the determination of the legal protection strategy for beauty products and their components, such as formulations and packaging (choice of the appropriate industrial property title – trademark, patent, design, etc. -, the relevant territory or territories, the subject matter of protection, etc.). We handle all preliminary examinations (prior art search, etc.), the formalities for filing with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI, Institut national de la propriété industrielle) and the competent foreign offices (EU filing, international filing, etc.), and finally representation in litigation (seizures of counterfeits, etc.).


    Our lawyers assist the players in the marketing chain of beauty products, through the analysis and support in relation to:

    • the applicable regulations and support for product conformity (designation of the responsible person, verification of product composition, preparation of the product information dossier (DIP), verification of label conformity, notification on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP), before placing on the market, etc.);
    • the import/export outside the European Union or the intra-Community acquisition of all beauty products;
    • the drafting and/or negotiation of all contracts concerning: (i) purchasing (GTC, framework contract, supply contract…), (ii) B2B sales (GTC, distribution contracts – exclusive, selective, franchisee, other forms of affiliated trade – partnership, etc.) or B2C sales (including, where applicable, the analysis of promotions such as loyalty programs, sales with bonuses, gifts, competitions, lotteries, etc.);
    • review and compliance with legal requirements for online sales platforms (T&Cs, privacy policy, imprint, Consumer Protection Code/Digital Economy Confidence Act/French data protection authority (CNIL, Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés), etc.);
    • multichannel sales (click & collect, e-booking, etc.).

    Thanks to their legal expertise, our lawyers are able to secure all communications of businesspersons in the beauty sector, in particular with regard to:

    • Online search engine listing (strategy and examination with regard to the infringement of third-party rights, avoidance of search engine listing of illegal content, etc.)
    • Advertising (analysis of legality with regard to the Consumer Protection Code, product regulations and regulations for specific uses) in traditional media, online (social networks) or omnichannel (drive-to-store campaigns).
    Our clients
  • Perfume and cosmetic brands
  • Beauty product distributors
  • Online beauty product sales platforms
  • Manufacturers (of packaging, formulations, full service) and ingredient suppliers
  • Trade show organizers.