Hotels & Tourism

Our teams have been serving French and international clients in the hotel and tourism sector for many years.

We manage new projects, which include, in particular, the establishment of financing structures, the determination of the legal structure carrying the participations and the real estate assets, the shareholders’ agreements and the resulting agreements, the drafting of contracts with the construction companies, the contractual management of the construction phases and the handling of difficulties that may arise during the construction or acceptance phase of the works. We negotiate and draft the contracts for the operation of the buildings resulting from this construction phase (hotel lease, management contracts, etc.).

Our firm also advises on all transactions relating to pre-existing structures, whether they involve the sale or acquisition of shares in companies holding hotel assets or transactions directly involving the business operations arising from the use of those assets.

We also assist our clients in managing conflicts that may arise between them as partners or shareholders of these structures or, more generally, conflicts that arise in connection with business relationships with clients or service providers in the course of business.

Our firm has a rich and varied experience in these sectors, including in complex transactions. Among others, we have assisted on several occasions an international group investing in tourist residences of the highest level in France, operated on a time-share basis; we have assisted a leading public entity in its investment, together with other operators, in a fund specialising in social tourism; we regularly assist buyers or sellers of luxury hotels; we assist in complex litigation involving shareholders of accommodation structures; we are involved in a project to create a complex combining care and rehabilitation facilities and hotel structures.

Our practice in these areas is distinctly interdisciplinary and integrates the expertise of the corporate & M&A, tax, employment, construction, public and mixed commercial law, intellectual property and litigation departments.

Our clients
  • Independent hotel companies, in particular French and Israeli, Mauritian, and more generally located in the Indian Ocean and Polynesia, as well as of German origin
  • Independent agencies or members of groupings
  • Tour operators, especially French and Israeli tour operators