Luxury goods
Over the years, the firm has developed in-depth expertise in all legal aspects of the luxury and fashion industry, advising its clients (in particular large luxury companies and creative directors) on matters of corporate and contract law, copyright protection, commercial and distribution law, and personal data protection.
Corporate and contract law

Creative directors often operate through private companies which they control and sometimes manage themselves and which offer their services to various partners. The firm’s lawyers advise on the form of the company to be created and then guide it through its creation as well as its subsequent corporate life.

In addition, our lawyers are involved in advising on and drafting all contracts arising in the course of the activities of the aforementioned companies, with a wide range of topics, but especially artistic direction contracts, copyright assignment contracts, etc. (see also below Commercial- and distribution law).


Our team advises the firm’s clients on both the protection and defence of their rights and creations. In this context, our team takes action in trademark and copyright infringement cases as well as national and international disputes on unfair competition and unauthorized performance (“parasitism”).

Our lawyers are also involved in the negotiation of strategic contracts in the field of intellectual property (in particular licensing and partnership agreements).

Digital rights

Synonymous with personalization and confidentiality, the luxury goods sector is increasingly linked to competent data management. Customer data collection is what makes it possible to offer personalized products and services that are as close as possible to what consumers want. Our lawyers, experts in data law, will support you in all matters related to this topic: GDPR audit, impact analysis, T&Cs, privacy statements and policies, management of cookies/trackers, contracts for the provision of an e-commerce website or phone apps, digital marketing campaigns, click & collect, e-booking…

Commercial and distribution law

We mainly assist our clients in the context of the marketing of their products, in shops or via the Internet, through retailers or multi-brand retailers, in France and abroad, as well as in the implementation of their commercial strategy (special promotions, co-branding)..

Our clients
  • Large companies in the luxury goods sector (perfumery, fashion, jewelry and fashion design)
  • Manufacturers
  • Creative directors
  • Decorators
  • Interior designers
  • Commercial agents
  • Photographers and models
  • Online sales platforms for luxury products.